Apple devastates beyond the desktop

Inside the marketing firm where I work, closerlook, we enjoy a healthy tension between the Mac (our Creative Team) and the PC (our Technology Team). The Mac induces a sort of serene creative zen in our designers, while the PC hums through coding and productivity tasks efficiently for our developers and managers. Of course, this seems to be the way it has always been in the working world.

But beyond the working world it’s no longer about the desktop, and that’s not where the real growth is anymore. Technology is portable, design is crucial, marketing is everything, and no one seems to be doing it like Apple. That thunder you hear in the distance, Motorola and Nokia, is the coming storm of iPhones (June 29th). Steve Jobs calmly debunks rumors of a weakness in his new phone’s scratch resistance and battery life today. Guess what, it actually is more scratch resistant and powers up longer than my current phone.

Oh, and Apple is going to design an onboard maintenance, communication, and navigation system for automobiles now, starting with this Mercedes Benz. Do you think that system won’t integrate seamlessly with your iPod or iPhone when it becomes widely available?

Put into the picture Apple’s competitive laptops, Apple TV, and the oh-so-subversive glue – iTunes, which bypasses Windows to network with other instances of itself – and you start to see the complete personal distributed device network to which Apple aspires. I don’t currently own Apple stock but I have encouraged everyone I know to buy some.


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