wicksite turns 1 month old

Baby FeetEarly on in any relationship you tend to celebrate the small anniversaries. My relationship with this blog just turned 1 month old! Pop the champagne!

Why did I start the blog? And why am I going to keep it going? No, it’s not out of sheer, unbridled vanity. It’s because I like to write, and the reason I like to write is that I like to share. I’ve always experienced that sharing a lot, perhaps more than you are comfortable with, has far more positive consequences than negative.

So thank you to everyone who has visited, and especially to those who have taken the leap of faith and subscribed to wicksite. It’s nice to know that people are reading.

So here’s my call for you, dear reader. As you no doubt have seen, in the first month I’ve experimented with a lot of topics and styles. So what was your favorite post or posts? And why? Let me know via comments below or just email me.

Also, in the next month, or the next year, if you like a post forward it to at least one person and tell them to check the blog out. The more the merrier.

Some stats: 20 posts, 12 comments, 326 total views

[Photo Credit: Jana L’Esperance]


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