Austin bound

Sunrise over AustinThe “big thing” I mentioned in my last post was the fact that Megan and I have decided to move from Chicago to Austin, Texas. In the process I’m leaving a great job in one of my favorite cities, but we’re doing it to get closer to my family and pursue the kind of life that we want in the long term.

I’m jumping in first, with the plan that Megan will follow once the dust settles with me, so my big move happens the last week in September. As of October 1 I’ll be living in Texas again for the first time since I was 18. And even though it’s the state where I grew up (in Dallas), the new city and the fact that I’m older now make it seem like a brand new adventure. We’re really excited.

The move and the job hunt will suck up a lot of time (and even more spare brain cycles – those mental places where blog posts get written), so I’ll post as I can. In the meantime, bear with me.

And if you have any suggestions for places I should look in terms of a job, or great people you know who live in Austin that I should meet, by all means fire away.

[Photo Credit: Sunrise over Austin by Melissa M.]

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