Apple and Starbucks, location marketing history in the making

Something very cool just happened today . . . your life just got more integrated.

Apple announced today that when you are sitting in a Starbucks with your iPhone (or the NEW iPod Touch, the iPhone without the phone), a new button will automatically appear on your Apple device where you can go to iTunes and buy the song that is playing in the Starbucks you are sitting in at that moment. The song will then be downloaded from the Starbucks wifi hotspot directly to your device, and off you go.

The availability of the Starbucks buy-it-now button is a harbinger of things to come. It’s a brave new marketing world, where the context isn’t just in your Google search box and the results it sends back, it’s where and when you are as a person – and what your desires or needs might be at the time. Apple and Starbucks would be ahead of their time if this wasn’t already their time.

The buy-it-now feature will also be available on any laptop running iTunes. All of Apple’s exciting announcements here.


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