Top 5 questions to ask your competition

I haven’t had much time to read feeds (or blog) lately, but for a brief moment today I was reading Austin Startup and saw a story about Inovis. Visiting their website, I spotted a tab in the main navigation that said “competition and pricing.”

Clicking through, I saw that they are featuring profiles on their competitors, including size, number of employees, and a feature-by-feature comparison chart that helps prospects understand which of Inovis’ features map to their competitors’. The profile ends with a top five questions to ask that competitor.Top 5 questions

Most people in sales agree that it’s bad form to bash the competition. It ends up doing more to damage your reputation than it does to make someone more likely to buy from you. But why not shape the features your prospects are looking at and what types of questions they are asking? Inovis shows some guts in going after their market this way. I like it.


One thought on “Top 5 questions to ask your competition

  1. Hi, I’m Meg and I work at Inovis. I just happened to come across this post, and wanted to thank you. We actually had a hard time deciding if we should do this or not, and it’s good to know that people appreciate our risk taking.

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