Google Earth can now see back in time

Apparently, Google’s technology has become so advanced that they have found a way to show the earth as it was long ago. Here is an image now available on Google Earth of the Middle East back in the Old Testament days.Red Sea Parting

In a related move, a few stupefied non-believers have converted to Judaism – and moved from Hotmail to Gmail.

Ok, so this is actually an image from an interesting art installation by The Glue Society called “God’s Eye View,” where artists took Google Earth images and doctored them up to show a satellite view of Biblical events. Very cool art-meets-web idea.

Incidentally, I got this from Josh, who got it from Kottke, via Google Reader’s new feature that enables automatic and built-in sharing of RSS feeds between Reader users. So while Google doesn’t really have the time travel thing solved, they are continuing to introduce some cool features in their industry-leading RSS tool. Thanks Josh.

P.S. Yes, I know that many non-believers might have converted to Christianity also . . . but with all the Christmas buzz this time of year I thought the Jewish folks could use some love.


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