Social Marketing Grab-Bag on The Engaged Consumer

2008 was a huge year (more on that later), and I’m hoping 2009 will be a great one too. In the meantime as part of the ’09 push I am firing up the blogging again. First, with some professional marketing pieces over on Powered’s Engaged Consumer Blog.

Building a Lagoon (November 20th, 2008)

“One of my favorite metaphors for the social web as it relates to marketers is the ocean. Although metaphors are often overused, it’s a great way to think about – and explain to others – Web 2.0 as a marketing medium.”  More >>

Community Noise: How to “Bring the Unique” (December 21, 2008)

“There are a lot of brands out there chasing the same audiences. Consumer goods purveyors are pursuing the purchasing-power moms. Financial services and technology companies are after the small business owners. Just about everyone is trying to figure out Gen Y and the ‘digitally born.’ ” More >>

Social Marketing Myth: It’s Cheap (December 30, 2008)

“One of the things I encounter frequently in speaking with marketers and that was recently highlighted in a recent study by eMarketer is that many perceive a huge benefit of Social Marketing to be that it is an inexpensive way to market. That blog post by Mashable! maintains:

With 51% of respondents also citing “low cost” as a benefit, I think the case can still be made that social media marketing is a viable medium for driving customer growth next year.

I disagree (respectfully) with that 51% in this survey and others, and think that approaching social marketing with a low-cost mentality can be hazardous not only to the political future of social marketing in your corporate boardroom, but also to your career health.” More>>