About Me

I grew up in Dallas and now call Austin, Texas my home. I consider myself very lucky to be married to my amazing wife and to have three beautiful kids. I love to create things, I’m naturally curious, and I’m endlessly optimistic. I like to write, which is why I blog. If you read me enough, you’ll find out about other things I’m interested in, which are a little too numerous to catalog here.

Professionally, I focus on the go-to-market for early stage technology start-ups, which involves all of the elements that allow you to take something innovative and turn it into a real business: product marketing, product management, marketing communications, demand generation, sales, and business development. In small companies just trying to get started, or looking to make step-change in their business, these disciplines are too interrelated to be considered separately, and that’s where my unique talents and experience comes in.

I’m currently working as the CEO at TradeLive. I am passionate about technology and how it has the power to change our world for the better.

Where I am, other than here: