I regularly help early-stage technology companies, or early-stage efforts within larger technology companies, gain (or re-gain) their footing as they go to market. My experience is as a startup CEO and executive leader across Product, Sales, Marketing, and Partnerships.

Here are a few of the more common (and more difficult) problems where I help:

Fit a Product to Market

How do you ensure a product will succeed or save a faltering product?

Technology products either save their customers resources (costs) or unlock new opportunities (revenue). A product must be a combination of sound economics and a UX-centric approach to delivering on them.

Move from Services to Products

How do you move your business from making money off of people's time to a higher-potential business model?

Introducing productization can involve changing the entire way your business goes to market. It can also represent a significant internal cultural change. 

Connect with Prospects

What do you say to prospects and how do you say it?

Connecting with potential customers in a meaningful way means appealing to their logical side (value) and illogical side (emotion). Putting the right messaging through the lens of a complex sale, transactional sale, or marketing platform only adds complexity.